Adminssion & Withdrawals

Admission is open to students subject to availability of seats. Application for admission is to be made in the prescribed from with copies of the certificates from the concerned authorities to prove the date of birth, passport and stamp size photos. Application form and prospectus will be available in the school office during working hours. The principal has the right to accept/reject any application without assigning any reason. Admission will be given only to those who maintain a standard equivalent to that particular class (age limit also) for which admission is required. The admission test will be conducted to the student before the admission. The result will be announced on the spot. Students coming from the Central and affiliated schools on transfer with a pass certificate need not take the admission test if they have completed one academic session in the previous school. Their academic records have to be produced with the Trasfer Certificate countersigned authority. Children who wil have completed age of 3 years and 5 years by 30th September of the year in which they seek admission are eligible to be admitted to K.G. and 1st Standard respectively. Admission to standards II and above will be given only on the strength of proper transfer certificate from a recognized institution.

No T.C. will be issued till the school dues are paid.